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by Matthew Black

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Goodbye July 03:05
Goodbye July, hello June. I didn't think I'd see you again so soon. But ever since the world started turning the other way, We've had to change the direction of the days. We're not going back in time. It's just that spring will follow summer. We all stand in the same lines. We just take different numbers. Everything now goes on clearance Before it makes it's first appearance. And all the churches find that Jesus will rise From the dead three days before he dies. Calendars hang upside down. Look to the east to watch the sunset. Yeah, we turned the world around, but the flowers still know where the sun's at. And now we've all begun to say "Thank God it's finally Monday." Oh, July, you lasted twice as long. So much time spent out there in the sun. But now it's finally time. And we won't need to cry. We wish you well, July. Goodbye, goodbye.
You Might 04:13
What if the dream came true? What if it all was real? What if the stars aligned? What if God called you here? What if the only thing that stood right in your way was your fear? What if you were the one? What if you took the chance? What if it all worked out? What if it all was planned? What if all along you held the key right there in your hand? What if the way were clear? What if you saw the light? What if you had it all? What if you had the right? What if you really could, and your voice dared to say that you might?
Fill in every line and cross the 't's and dot the 'i's. Follow the directions don't bother to question why. It doesn't need to be right as long as it's organized. Keep the cadence, daylight's fadin', are those the clothes that you were made in? Cause you dress a lot like me. Just like looking in the mirror when I look you in the eye. We're just like each other and we both wear the disguise. When you laugh or cry I can't help but sympathize. When it's chilly here in Philly brotherly love comes unwillingly. And you love a lot like me. With your heart there on your sleeve, is your shirt just the right size? Did you get it at a thrift store for a nice discounted price? And does it make me look fat? Don't tell the truth, I need your lies. But be honest with your promise. Can you put your finger on it? Cause you dream a lot like me. La da da da da da da La da da da da da da La da da da da da da da da.


released September 19, 2010

Vocals, guitars, everything else by Matthew Black
Recording and Mixing by Oliver Holmberg


all rights reserved



Matthew Black Chicago, Illinois

Imagine if the Fleet Foxes went to seminary. Or if Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young were all one guy. Or if Joe Pug channeled James Taylor instead of Bob Dylan, shaved his head, and started wearing glasses.

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